I’m A Mommy Too!

When I first had my daughter, I relied heavily on the opinions of others. As I had limited experience with babies in the past, I didn’t trust myself to consider my own maternal instincts when it came to our new bundle of joy.

As time passed, I became more acclimated with my baby and developed my own opinions about her well being. I solidified my thoughts regarding breastfeeding, going back to work and what detergent I would use. I better understood her cries and started to know when to pick her up and when to let her whine to herself.

I figured that I finally reached Mommy status until the unthinkable happened. My little bundle of joy developed a tooting sound when she slept. It was loudest when everything was quiet—especially in church. I researched the sound and consulted her pediatrician and was comfortable with the diagnosis that she would grow out of it.

I was comfortable with the decision until several women confronted me and asked if she had asthma. Quickly I replied that she didn’t and that her doctor said that she would grow out of it.

Instead of trusting my own instincts, I let my fears go wild. I worried, fretted and searched web page after web page, making myself sick. My friends, mothers themselves, encouraged me to remember that I am a Mom too and that I know my child better than anyone.

After I consulted the doctor again, who said (again) that she would grow of it and that asthma is in the lungs and not the nose, I calmed down a bit. But then I realized how stupid I had been. Why didn’t I trust my own instincts? I knew that my baby was fine, yet I gave into the fear that something wasn’t right.

The answer isn’t simple, but it taught me a valuable lesson. While I don’t know everything about being a Mommy and probably never will, I need to trust that I know my daughter.

Everyone will always have an opinion about how to raise your kids, but it’s important that you trust yourself.

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