Time to Get the Beach Body Back

I hate my closet.  There’s nothing in there I can wear.  The only thing I can wear are my maternity jeans and maternity tops and I hate it.  I close the door to my walk-in closet in the mornings so my husband doesn’t have to see me stuffing myself into my clothes.  I can’t wait until Lent gets here so I can fast!


And while I realize that I am not the only new Mommy that feels like this, it doesn’t make me feel any better.  I have to do something ASAP because I am not going to buy any more clothes (at least not for me, anyway). So I’ve come up with a plan for action. 


Step 1: Eat Healthy!

 Time to put down those cookies and pick up some carrots! A healthy diet is the perfect way to jumpstart weight loss! I need to eat more fruits (yuck) and vegetables (yum) as possible and stick to the lean meats. 


Step 2: Continue to Nurse My Daughter

While it’s foolish of me to think that nursing alone will help me lose the weight, it does its share of the work.  Breastfeeding I thought breastfeeding was supposed to help me lose the pregnancy weight!! Well it does. Breastfeeding helps to burn calories, so to discontinue this would force me to work harder to lose the weight.


Step 3: Exercise

It’s important to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in per day in order for any weight loss to occur.  While I normally don’t get excited about the “fitness exercises,” here are a few that I am planning on trying:


§         Yoga Class

§         Walking

§         Wii Fit (once we get some money!)

§         Fitness DVD’s


Step 4: Let go of negative attitudes

My goal is to karate-chop that negative mindset and focus on getting that beach body back!

Step 5: Repeat!

Got a nifty way to lose those pregnancy pounds or just want to share your story?  Leave a comment below!

One thought on “Time to Get the Beach Body Back

  1. It will happen, keep up the good work. Nursing is so important and I’ve always heard that you won’t lose that last 10 pounds until you quit nursing. Hope you had some stylish maternity clothes. Women forget that weight doesn’t come off quickly and maternity clothes are needed for a few months after the baby is born too.

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