A Pink Slip Doesn’t Have to Mean the End of the World

It’s the call that no one wants to receive.  “Can you come to the conference room immediately?”  A pink slip can be debilitating to anyone, especially to a Workin’ Mama.  Unfortunately due to the economy, parents (including myself) are not being spared the visit to the employment auctioneers block, causing many to struggle with trying to figure out how to continue to provide for their children during these terrible economic times.


While it’s easy to let your mind go wild with doubt and anxiety in a time such as this, understand that it won’t do any good.  God has a plan in everyone’s lives and what you might not be able to see is right around the corner. Take heart with the following suggestions to maintaining your composure during a lay-off.



Ok, so you don’t have a tantrum on the office floor.  Quietly pack your bags and say your goodbyes to everyone.  Professionally walk out of the building and into your car.  And then, when you are safely away from the building, let it go.  Yell and scream and cry if you must to let go of all the emotion that a lay off brings.  Understand that if you decide to keep it in, you will only cause yourself to become bitter and angry and that might lengthen the time it takes to find another job.


Develop a plan

Many articles will advise taking a week or so to “get over” being laid off.  I personally have never experienced any joy from that.  If you are a “go-getter,” then I suggest you come up with a plan.  Strategize what needs to be done- completing your resume, making calls, creating an alternative budget, finding insurance for your kids, etc.  If going back into your previous career isn’t acceptable, then perhaps you should research going back to school to get the necessary job skills for a new career.



Once you have strategized yourself silly, take action.  Treat finding a job as if you have a job. Get up early in the morning and attack! Register on the applicable search engine sites and begin to make calls to staffing agencies and other places that could assist in your job search.  By focusing on what you must do, you are eliminating the urge to think negatively about you and your family’s future.


A layoff is devastating to the family, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.  By trusting God and putting a well-thought out plan into action, you will find your new place in life in no time. 





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