Layoff Diaries-Entry 1


It’s been a month since I received the dreaded pink slip.  Since then, I have become a job huntin’ queen, looking for all applicable jobs that I can find.  I wake up at 7am and treat finding a job as if I have a job.


The problem is that it’s hard finding a job when you have a three-month old.  Sydney still likes to nurse every three hours, which means as soon as I see her little eyelids close I have to get to moving on my phone calls if they are going to be made at all.  My goal is to make as many calls as possible before she wakes up.


Like I mentioned in the blog previously, this Workin’ Mama has a strategy.  I have been looking for positions in the Administrative Assistance and Marketing sectors, networking and most importantly, consulting God on where I should be in my career.  I have even applied for unemployment, which was an experience on its own.  The day I decided to apply I tried to do it online, I couldn’t get it done because my Internet connection was acting weird.  So, I took a chance and called the 800 number.  It took me an hour (YES AN HOUR!) to reach the representative and another 15 minutes to officially file for unemployment. 


But that’s not the end of my application process.  I have to go to a Michigan Works center and give them a copy of resume as proof that I am applying for a job.  It doesn’t matter that I am registered on the Michigan Works website and have been applying for jobs on that site.


So far I have learned in this process that I must be flexible if I am going to get another job. It isn’t easy being patient, but I know that I will be a better person in the end. 

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