The Workin’ Mama’s Commitment

Ok, so I have entered the second week of being gainfully employed at my new job.  There is so much to learn in so little time. And sometimes learning can be painful! There are a few bumps on the road that I am now traveling, but I am sure that God will pull me through it all.


Over the weekend, we christened our daughter.  With her parents, grandparents, godparents and other family and friends standing in a half circle; we gave our daughter back to God, just as Hannah, the prophet Samuel’s mother had done many years ago.  As our Pastor/my father-in-law began to pray and speak blessings over her, tears began to well in my eyes. It wasn’t that long ago that I was staring at the pregnancy test in disbelief.  Nor was it was that long ago that I eagerly rubbed my belly, wondering what kind of child God was going to bless us with. And now we have our little bundle of joy, who is destined to be a smart (a blessing from her Mama) successful, strong leader (blessings from her Grandparents) with a love for music (a blessing from her Daddy).


It puts a lot of things in perspective.  While I am proud to be a Workin’ Mama, there are days when I would much rather stay at home with my daughter. Like many Moms, I sometimes think that she will forget all about me as soon as I walk out the door. Because of my fear, I make a point of talking to her before I walk out the door.  I tell her how much I love her, how much fun she is going to have today and that Mommy is coming home soon.  At first I didn’t think she paid any attention to me.  But then I started to notice that she started waking up ahead of schedule, just in time for me to walk out the door.


Some women can’t handle it.  They do what they can to stay at home.  But in this economy, more Moms than most have to head back into work and stare lovingly at their photos on their desktop screens and other baby photos on their desk wishing they were watching Baby Einstein with their little one.  And besides, no one has EVER said that being a parent was easy.


But it’s worth it.  I’ll admit that I am a Workin’ Mama because I have to be. But I am confident that my child will be proud of her mother because of the sacrifices her father and I have made so that she could have all of her needs met.  And though traveling on this bumpy road can be heartbreaking and filled with challenges, I know I will get everything I desire.


And for those who are traveling on this bumpy road with me watch out for my car at 5pm…I turn into a racecar driver right around that time and you might get ran over!

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