The Importance of a Schedule

Like any new Mom, I find myself remiss to mention just exactly how tired I am.  Everyone expects you to be tired. But really folks, I am EXHAUSTED! After working a full day at my new job, I drag myself in and nurse my daughter and begin to prepare dinner for my husband and myself.  At the same time, I put on a load of laundry and work on a few household chores.  After dinner is done, I pump a few more ounces for the little lady’s meal the next day and then—I am done.  That is after I shower, work on the laundry a wee bit more and try to have a decent conversation with my husband.

Whew!  It takes a lot of energy to even write just how busy I am.  No wonder I am so tired.  One thing I am realizing though as a new Workin’ Mama, that I have to develop a schedule.  No one person can do everything.  I have made a choice to go to sleep earlier.  While that means I might miss some of my favorite sitcoms, it means that I get more sleep so that when Lil Syd gets me up at 4:30am, I don’t have to worry about stumbling with her in my arms because I am sooo tired.

Another important thing about developing a schedule is that it stops me from forcing myself to try to get every little chore done.  For example, I tackle the bathrooms on Monday, dusting the living room on Tuesday and so on. 

And while my schedule would be more successful if my husband purchased a DVR for us, the plan is that I don’t feel like I have already worked a full day before I get to work.

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