Make Time to Find A Good Pediatrician

Dear Workin Mamas:

If you are anything like I was when I got pregnant, you are currently receiving all of the informational baby emails.  While they did get a little annoying at the end of my pregnancy, they were extremely helpful in helping me prepare for my daughter’s arrival. Some things are more than important than others.  Finding a pediatrician that works for both you and your child is very important. 

Unfortunately I didn’t bother to take the necessary steps that I should have before my daughter was born.  I waited to the last minute to start searching for one, only to have my daughter come into the world 3 weeks early.  So, I had to take the advice of a close friend on who my child’s pediatrican would be. The result of my laziness ended in heartache.  I am less than satisfied not with the quality of the pediatrician, but lack of professionalism of the office staff.  Enter the guilt trip.  Had I been diligent in finding an adequate doctor, I would not be in the position of acquainting my daughter with a new physician.

 An article on iParenting describes everything you need to know in finding an adequate pediatrician, but having done it the wrong way, I have a few suggestions as well.

Don’t just stop at recommendations
What works for little Timmy and his mother may not work for you and your little one.  It is very helpful to get recommendations from family and friends, but don’t let that be your last stop. Ask your OB/GYN and visit some Mom friendly sites including Mamasource.

Take advantage of the Internet
Once you have a list compiled of pediatricians you are interested in, check them out on the Internet.  Oftentimes, there are reviews from current or previous patients. These reviews are able to provide in-depth information on the pediatricians “bed-side manner” and whether they were able to successfully help the parents.

Break out that Map
There’s no use taking your child to a doctor located in Timbuktu when you don’t leave anywhere near there.  Investigate where the pediatricians on your shortlist are located.  Keep in mind that you want the doctor to be centrally located to your job or day care provider as well.

After you have completed your preliminary investigation, visit the office!  If you can make an appointment to sit down with the doctor prior to the birth of your child, do so.  And most importantly, check out the office staff.  You will be dealing with these individuals more so than the doctor and it is important that they are knowledgeable and professional.

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