Hair Debacle

As a new Mommy, I can admit that I don’t want to listen to others about my daughter’s hair.  Initially I followed the pediatrician’s advice washing her hair with Johnson and Johnson No Tears Baby Shampoo. Not a very good move for African American hair! This shampoo dried out my daughter’s hair and made it very brittle. Not sure what to do, I began to moisturize her hair with extra virgin olive oil.

Enter the Suggestion Police.  Honestly, if I hear one more time, “you need to try this,” I am going to lose my mind! I have heard that I should be using everything from pink oil to olive oil to Just for Me. One time I got five suggestions in one day!

And don’t even get me started on using rubber bands. One woman told me that I needed to start using rubber bands on her hair.  I refused because I felt (and still feel by the way) that it would tear out my daughter’s hair.  Honestly her hair is dry enough, so I use cute little barrettes to make her look feminine and downright adorable.

In my quest to find good hair products, I have decided to continue to use the olive oil.  I am looking for shampoo and conditioner that would be beneficial to African American girls hair and won’t be too strong for her hair and eyes. In the meantime, I wash her hair once a week and I use the olive oil on her hair every day and keep it braided.

Have a solution to my daughter’s brittle hair debacle?  Feel free to comment below! In the meantime the hair debacle continues…

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