Cheerios Galore

Now that my little one is walking, running and jumping, I am finding myself running behind her picking up Cheerios.

I find them in the sofa, the bed, the floor and the car.  Cheerios EVERYWHERE! I can’t keep anything clean in our 2-bedroom apartment because every time I turn around, those pesky circular snacks appear.  One time, I had just cleaned the living room and went to put some clothes in the dryer.  When I returned, I found Syd shaking the entire sandwich bag of cheerios. They were flying everywhere! I remember screaming, “No! Not in the living room!  I just cleaned it” Which of course made Syd giggle all the more.  I was so upset that I took the bag from her and put her in her crib so that I could clean the Cheerios up without having her try to eat them off the floor.

Needless to say I am over it.  I could care less where Cheerios land. What’s the point in trying to keep a clean house when it just gets dirty again anyway.

The ladies at the church are less than enthused with my new attitude. One Youth Sunday, they found some cheerios in the fellowship hall and rushed to let me know they were there. After working very hard that day to create a youth inspired meal for 20-30 people, I wasn’t really interested. I responded, “Ok, thanks for letting me know.” They rolled their eyes and stared at me.  I told them, “What’s the point in getting them now?  I am resting from a long day and besides we aren’t leaving yet so I know she will be eating more and probably wasting more.”

Hey, for all I know she may find a way to get some on this blog post…gotta love toddlers!

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