And the Bad Mother Award goes to….

I received a notice in the mail today. Actually, it was addressed to my daughter. Thinking it was some random piece of insurance junk mail, I ripped it open only to find out that it was from the Michigan Department of Community Health.  The notice was a reminder that my daughter was behind on her immunizations and it should be rectified right away.

And the Bad Mother Award goes to….The Workin’ Mama!

How could I have forgotten to take the little one to get her shots? As I stood there in absolute horror my eyes fell to my laptop. All of those days of pushing off her appointments and finding a decent pediatrician just so that I could work more are coming back to seriously bite me in the butt. It’s been extremely hectic at work for the past six months and I haven’t had time to even have a day off (minus being sick from food poisoning).

Well I think it’s safe to say that the notice scared me straight. The last thing I want to do is cause my daughter any harm because I chose to work.So, I found a pediatrician today, a referral from my OB/GYN,  My Child’s Doc in Southfield.  Here’s crossing my fingers that this new doctor or her staff isn’t anything like the ones at Providence Pediatrics in Novi.  We didn’t have a good experience with their staff because they treated us like we were less than human when I got laid off from my job. I am still convinced they charged us extra when they could have honestly worked with us. Those people are insane and plain old mean.

Needless to say their rude behavior is no excuse for not taking care of my little girl. More changes that will further provide a balance to my work and home life to come.

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