Wii Can Do It!

I am going to lose weight using the Wii (click my heels three times).  Initially I thought of it as a joke, because it seems as if I never have time to exercise and by the time I get home, cook a decent meal for the family and do a little bit of the chores, it is usually time to go to bed…if I haven’t fallen out by then. And that’s not even counting if we have to go to the church that night.

But this weight, baby weight or otherwise isn’t going anywhere and I am personally sick of being fat.  I don’t want to take pictures, and the well meaning comments are getting on my nerves. Plus, I am feeling pain in ways that I don’t think I would if I were my normal size.

Using the Wii to lose weight accomplishes two things.  It allows me to exercise and we can use it as family time as well.  Wii Healthy, a site for those who are looking to lose weight using the Wii, provides the amount of calories you can burn within a set time by playing Wii Sports. The best games that promote weight loss are boxing, tennis and the Wii Fitness Test.

Another program that I am using is Jenny McCarthy’s Your Shape. Using a USB camera, the program analyzes your figure and offers suggestions during the workout.  It even has a workout program for an active mom and yoga to cool down.

I have already had some positive results and will continue to use these programs.  Plus since it’s warm out, me and Syd are gonna be hitting the parks up and getting some exercise that way.

Wish me luck!

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