Summer Time Crock Pot Meals Make Way For Fun!

Summer time is not to be spent in the kitchen. There are too many things you can do outside the home and who wants to be stuck inside sweating over the stove. I am going back to using the crock pot!

There are tons of recipe’s out there…from soups to pot roast and even desserts, there is something for every one. On the Busy Cooks page at, Linda Larsen lists her top twelve crock pot meals.  We are going to try some of her favorites including:

Pot Roast isn't the only item made in the crock pot

Crockpot Apricot Chicken

Crockpot Chicken Supreme

Crockpot Pork w/Cabbage

Wild Rice Stuffed Turkey Breast

Some tips for using the crock pot:

  • Feel free to begin the process the night before
  • Don’t put too much liquid in
  • Don’t put tender vegetables in until the last minute
  • Don’t put your food on high, especially when you are leaving the house

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