Wii Boxing Works! Cue the Music Rocky!

Oh my goodness, my arms and legs hurt!  Last night, I got up to 30 minutes in using the Wii Boxing game. And I felt pretty good about it too…can we say KO 3 times in a row!  Rocky ain’t got a thing on me! Of course that was after I used the training exercises to get myself together.

Rocky ain't got nothing on me!

I better start taking this seriously. So on Monday, I have decided to start weighing myself and seeing if any of this is making a difference.  I have noticed that my stomach is going down (goodbye Mommy pooch!) and my arms don’t seem as huge. All of this makes me thing that there is something to this using the Wii as exercise thing. Cue the music Rocky!

All of that salad I am forcing myself to eat is probably helping a little too.

I am taking a break from it today since tonight is Bible Study night. My legs are rejoicing at that thought!

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