Thanks Toast!

The Fourth of July weekend was awesome for our clan.  There was much relaxation, movie watching, family outings and great food.

Everything went well…except for our little outing yesterday. The hubby and I decided to go out to breakfast, something we haven’t really done since before Syd was born. Needless to say, everyone seemed to have the same thought.  Bob Evans Restaurant couldn’t have been more packed.  We didn’t wait too long, but once we got seated, we quickly got the little one settled with toys, crayons, paper and a straw to play with.

Unfortunately, we had the new employee as a waiter. He was great, just really slow. The amount of people didn’t help the situation either. As we waited and waited and waited for our food and silverware, I noticed that Syd started to get antsy. We gave her milk and played with her, but she clearly wanted to eat. By the time the food finally arrived, she was too upset to eat. And that’s when it happened. My sweet and innocent daughter turned into the “mini-hulk.” She screamed, she cried and turned red. She turned her head when we tried to feed her and smacked the table in utter disgust. She wasn’t interested in eating anymore; embarrassing us amongst the patrons of Bob Evans seemed to suit her much better.

I felt the heat of everyone’s eyes as we desperately sought to quiet our daughter down. But then I realized, this isn’t the last time that this will happen, but it has to be the last time that I freak out. I came close to her and looked her directly in the eye. “Calm down Sydney, “ I said.  “I know you are upset, but we are going to eat now and I want you to stop screaming.” Of course, she gave me a “Are you serious” look but at least she didn’t scream anymore. Looking around for something to give her, I turned to the toast that the waiter finally brought and handed it to her. “Mmmm,” Sydney said as she gobbled the entire piece up.

I cut the other pieces of toast up for her and then focused on eating my own meal. As my husband and I ate, we thought of a few things we need to remember  the next time we bring the little one out: extra snacks, extra toys and extra patience.

4 thoughts on “Thanks Toast!

  1. Nothing is more unsettling than slow service when you have kids. Mine are 10 & 12, but it still gets unnerving becuase the bickering cranks up. Ironically I wrapped up a post this week about a horror show meal out last weekend. My mom told me one time to ignore other people if I was doing my best to control them. She said they either
    –hadn’t had kids yet so wouldn’t get it or had kids and TOTALLY get it

    ps- found you via BlogFrog

  2. Your mom sounds cool! The restaurant was so packed and it was all I could do to not start screaming with my daughter.

    Thanks for stopping by and yay for Blog Frog!

  3. I laughed so hard at your article until I thought I’d crack my side. I hope other moms appreciate the experiences you are sharing us. I love your writing style.

  4. Ok I can see her hitting the table saying “feed me seymour” lol , and to think I will have 2 doing this real soon. I feel her pain because when I’m hungry there is nothing nice about me! lol

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