Texting While Driving…Is it the worst thing you can do?

The news is talking about it, Oprah is campaigning on it and police are on the lookout.  It’s safe to say that texting while driving has become the biggest no-no ever.

According to a survey by BOHAN Advertising for its WhyMomsRule.com blog, 49 percent of Moms admit to reading or writing text messages while driving. And the worst part is that they participated in these activities with their kids in the car.

Somebody break out the belt…

Since the legislation passed and police departments everywhere announced they were going to crack down on this practice, I have been more watchful of my phone habits on the whole.  I shake my head as I pass people on the freeway who instead of focusing on the road, are busily texting while driving. Nothing can be worse than texting while driving, I told my husband.

I was wrong. While driving into work this morning, I saw a woman brushing her hair, a woman with her feet up while driving and a man in a motorized wheelchair going the wrong way down a street.

Maybe we should have a law against stupidity…just a thought.

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