From Crib to Mayhem: When to Upgrade Your Child to a Toddler Bed

The other day, I got the dreaded call at work from my husband. “Sydney fell out of the crib,” he says timidly. “But I think she’s ok.” The news rang all of my Mommy alarms.  I packed up all of my stuff at work and informed my boss I was leaving in 10 seconds and shot out the door.  Even though my husband said that our daughter was fine and that she seemed more scared than anything, I wanted to see for myself.

Racing into the door, I found my husband already converting her crib into the next stage.  The front of the bed now has an opening where she can get out. He had already lowered the mattress to its lowest capacity and was getting ready for my tirade. Not to disappoint, I grabbed Syd up and checked her all over and hugging her at the same time.

Needless to say, my nerves were shot for the rest of the day. Thankfully, my mother and mother-in-law informed me that this was the ultimate sign that my dear sweet baby was becoming a toddler and it was time to upgrade her bed. They also mentioned that ALL BABIES DO THIS IN SOME FORM OR FASHION. Don’t they realize that my angel isn’t supposed to fall?  🙂

There is no set time that identifies when cribs are to be upgraded.  It was 19 months for Syd, but it may be earlier or even later for other babies. The key is to watch the signs (i.e. if they are trying to climb over the railing while in your presence) and move quickly.

Our little one can't be contained anymore
Now that we have upgraded our daughter’s crib, we also made sure that everything else around our apartment was up to par. All of the childproofing measures were checked including the safety locks and circuit protectors.  We wanted to make sure we were ready in the event that she got up during the middle of the night.

Turned out, she didn’t want to get out of her bed. We put her down and she stayed there until she had a nightmare and sought us out at about midnight. As I patted her back I looked to my husband who only nodded. Guess the day was horrific for all of us…baby and parents.

For more information on childproofing techniques, check out Baby Center for an in-depth list.

One thought on “From Crib to Mayhem: When to Upgrade Your Child to a Toddler Bed

  1. scary scenario! I don’t look fwd to the day of the toddler bed. I like my baby safely caged in her crib, LOL! Why do they have to grow up?

    thanks for stopping by to congratulate me on my wedding anniversary.

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