Shots Have Side Effects?

Last Friday, we took our little one to a new pediatrician. The office wasn’t as colorful and kid friendly as our last pediatrician, I was pleased that the staff seemed knowledgeable and the pediatrician was friendly and seemed to have answers regarding my concerns.

I was also happy that they addressed my concerns about the well-baby insurance. Immunizations can use all of the money allocated for well-baby visits, causing the parents to owe quite a hefty amount to the doctors to cover the costs. At this doctor’s office, they told me not to worry. The state provides immunizations for those who are low income or for patients who do not cover immunizations. My husband and I breathed a sigh of relief.  We could keep our money in our pockets this time. We were happy and Syd seemed pleased with everyone too.

At least until the shots came.  Boy, I think you could have heard that child around the block! And with good reason too. They gave Syd four shots and they took her blood as well. Though she was angry, I felt better that she was immunized and she promptly went to sleep when we got to the car. We took her to see her grandparents at the church and she played her little heart out. All was well and I could successfully work from home, er church.

Next thing I know the little girl can’t walk. She was screaming as if she someone had punched her and it just caught up with her. Anxious to get all of the bags out to the car, I set her down to walk her and she couldn’t move a muscle. The look in her eyes told me that she was trying and it just wasn’t working. That scared me. I felt it in my spirit that something was wrong with my baby.

I worried enough for the entire family. After two days of taking Tylenol for the pain, Syd is back to her normal self, but I can’t help but think that something in those shots made her that way. Was it the amount of the shots or a specific shot that caused her to not be able to walk?

I have decided to research the shots she was given to see what the side effects are and plan to limit the amount of shots Syd can be given in one visit. Can’t just rely on the medical field to decide what’s best for my baby.

2 thoughts on “Shots Have Side Effects?

  1. I’m so sorry your baby went through this! the problem with giving so many shots at once is that if there is a side effect that it’s impossible to know which one is the culprit. have you read the Dr Sears guide to vaccines? it helped me a lot.

  2. Thanks Teresha. I am going to check out Dr Sears and see what he has to say. It definitely freaked me out. Syd doesn’t sit anywhere longer than a minute and to watch her sitting on the couch and not moving just about sent me over the mountain.

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