A Colleague and Friend Loses Her Job

We had just come from lunch. We usually stay in and eat, but today we ventured out to get lunch outside the building. I went back to my area, chatted with a few people and went back to my desk.  That’s when I saw the Skype message: “I am fired.”

It’s a difficult challenge when a close colleague has been let go from their position. You don’t know what to say and don’t want to do anything rash in the event that you might be let go for your actions. On the day that my close friend was let go, I sat at my desk for the rest of the day thinking about what could have been done to spare her job. But in this economy, it really doesn’t take much.  It seems that companies are only concerned with the dollar value anyway.

For the friends of those of who have been let go there are some tips to follow. Bruce Taylor, Owner and Principle of Unison Coaching, recently wrote an article that provides advice on the subject. After reading his advice, I came up with a few points on my own.

Don’t rush over to say goodbye

This might be hard not to do, but it’s important. No one wants an audience when they have the ax. Also, a member of the human resources department may be looking and as much as you care for your friend, you want to put some distance between yourself and your now former colleague.

Exchange contact information

If you haven’t already done so, exchange your number and email address so that you two can keep in touch. The relationship may fade in time, but it’s important to show some support in the best way possible. Other than getting a new job, nothing feels better than hearing from a supportive person when you are unemployed.

Clear your mind

If you are anything like me, you will be hurt and a little miffed that your colleague has been terminated. Take the time to clear your mind so that you can focus on doing your own job.

Have any advice on losing a colleague? I would love to hear from you!

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