Open House

Well most of you know that I have an uber super busy life. I have a very full time job during the day, motherhood all my life and I volunteer my marketing/graphics skills for my church and their nonprofit, Ecclesia Community Development Corporation (ECDC).

Our nonprofit is having an Open House for its senior citizen program tonight at 7pm. I am excited about the program because I noticed that there really isn’t much for seniors to do in the city of Detroit. So many things are closing down and so it’s really up to the “little people” to do something about it to provide a safe haven for our grandparents and our children.

ECDC is working on doing just that. The Open House will feature a tour of the facility, which includes an area for exercise and additional areas for other programming. Additionally, a panel will discuss the issues happening in the community and health issues of seniors.

The senior citizen program is open Tuesday through Friday beginning at 9am and has a variety of activities for the seniors including outings, arts and crafts, workshops on helpful topics and they maintain the community garden. Yesterday, they went on an outing to the fabric store and are now working on a community quilt. And if my young daughter doesn’t get too much in the way, I think they will get it done fairly quickly!

Another aspect of the program is that they provide lunch daily. So many seniors don’t have enough to eat, let alone have money to have a healthy meal. For a small donation, the seniors can have a well balanced meal and the opportunity to fellowship with others.

For more information about the ECDC Senior Citizen program or how you can get involved, check out our website at

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