Pull It Up Already…The Joys of Potty Training Part II

Ok, we are well on our way into the potty training saga. We have watched her carefully for when she goes to the bathroom, debated on where to put the potty and frowned on using the washable pull ups (mostly because I do the laundry and I think it’s unfair for me to have to deal with that too). My mom sent Syd some Huggies pull ups and we were totally on board to starting the potty training process.

Then the little bugger broke out. She didn’t even have a chance to mess them up before she broke out. We caught the rash in time and thanks to some Desitin cream, the crisis was averted. The semi-crisis also provided us with some time to hem and haw on starting the potty training process.

Weeks have rolled by and still we have not picked up the baton again to resume potty training.  Getting the pressure from everyone (isn’t that how it always starts..), I started investigating pull ups again and found that Pampers sells some called Feel ‘n Learn pants. Like all of them really, they are designed to help the little one know when it’s time to go to the potty courtesy of a suspended wet sensation liner. It helps because Syd will feel the wet sensation and will help her learn that the wetness means it’s time to run to the bathroom. And parents have the added benefit of seeing that the pants are wet when the designs fade.

My mother and mother- in-law said that it should take Syd about a week to be trained once we make time to do so. I am assuming that she won’t be waiting on me all day to go to the bathroom, so everyone will have to be on board in this process. Maybe I will even get a potty to take to the church.

Oh the joys of motherhood!

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