Wanted: Face Reduction

Ok, so the working out thing is kinda getting on my nerves. I want to, but the stressful hours spent working and then taking care of the family make it difficult for me to do anything other than collapsing on the couch. All work and no exercise makes Mama a fat blob. And an unhealthy one at that.

To be honest, I‘m ok with the huge butt, but to have a fat face is unacceptable. I recently got a hair cut and though I am adjusting to having a shorter style, I noticed that it draws attention to my huge face. Seriously, my face could be compared to a Butterball Turkey, it’s huge!

I heard that wearing rounded neck shirts, short hair and having bangs are definite no-no’s for fat chicks. Let me know if you have any other advice.

So, I am back to finding time to exercise. If only we could receive an anonymous donation or something so I could exercise all day like these skinny girls on tv…ah to dream…

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