The Curse Free Zone

Goldman Sachs employees beware! If you have a potty mouth, better take a bar of soap to work with you. For all of you keeping track of how companies are tempting to curtail their employee’s bad habits, cursing on the job is added to a long list of things people can no longer do including smoking, being overweight and addicted to Facebook.

Thought I almost never agree with “big business,” I have to admit that I instituted a similar rule at my job. While I know that I can’t control what people say in their own cube/office (and Goldman Sachs won’t be able to either), I have asked that everyone who comes to cube doesn’t curse. I call it the “Curse Free Zone,” and hey if you don’t like it…go to your own cube and curse yourself into an oblivion. Don’t laugh because I have kicked many a colleague out of my cube because they didn’t respect the rule. 

Cursing has a way of bringing a sense of unprofessionalism into the workplace. It sounds terrible to the ear and when used publicly or through email it grabs everyone’s attention in the wrong way. Take it from Thomas Montag from Goldman Sachs whose expletives from an email will go down in history as the worst way to communicate.

And while I am certain people will find fault with Goldman Sachs’ new rule, they should remember what our moms taught us: USE YOUR VOCABULARY!

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