Kids of Workin’ Mamas Wanna Have Fun!

Ok, I admit it.  I am jealous of you stay at home moms. You get to have all the fun with your kids while I am at work pinning away, wishing I was with my precious Syd. I cherish the weekends so much but it seems like there is always something to do. I just know that she is missing out on some milestones because she isn’t around children her age. Kids that she can learn from and are just as inquisitive as she is.

I tried to join a playgroup, but it was filled with Stay at Home Moms who have open schedules, so most of the activities were scheduled during the week.  What about us Workin’ Mamas?

I am posting an APB for a Mom’s Playgroup in the Detroit area. If you are interested in starting one with me or know of one that I can join, let me know ASAP!

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