Paci Go Bye Bye?

It’s been three days since Sydney has had her paci. And while I am tempted to call a press conference and announce “Job Well Done,” I am hoping on all hope itself that this doesn’t backfire in our faces.

The funny thing about all of this is that we didn’t go through some fancy plan to wean her off of her pacifier. In fact, WE LOST her pacifier at church on Sunday and we haven’t been able to find it!  On Sunday evening, I was so afraid that she wouldn’t be able to sleep and yet she has slept through the night and napped through the day without some much as a problem.

The real test will be when her grandmother watches her. The moment my mother gets involved with the seniors during the program at Ecclesia Community Development Corporation, the more Sydney will seek her attention and that’s usually the point that the need for the pacifier appears.

Fingers are crossed…stay tuned for updates!

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