More Women in the Workforce Changes the Dynamic

The way of the world is changing. More women are maintaining their jobs or even excelling in the workplace, while the industries mostly filled by men are forced to either close their businesses or layoff their workers. This means that there are a lot of men at home with the kids or working odd jobs.

My husband has been affected by the negative change in the economy more than once. He’s a plumber so the poor economy has affected his profession on many occasions. I don’t think there isn’t a job that my husband hasn’t done to take care of his family. He’s served as a service technician cleaning the pop taps in restaurants. He’s worked at Stanley Steemer as a Carpet Cleaning Technician. Through all of the changes, we’ve focused on the positive by working together to set up our business, Early Bird Plumbing, which provides light plumbing and drain cleaning services to residents and businesses in the metropolitan Detroit area.  The additional funds the business brings help to pay the bills and keeps Syd in the nice diapers.

But there are many men out there who feel that a job loss/layoff/decrease in pay is the end of the world and that can make marriages difficult. The worst argument a couple can ever have is about finance. Especially when Daddy was bringing in $70,000 a year and a family has to  make do with $20,000 a year. Everyone in the family feels the pinch and the stress.

It’s safe to say that our country is no longer like that scene in the old movies where the father comes home from bringing in the bacon and the wife serves it up for dinner. These days, it’s the woman working the long hours and that’s quite an adjustment for many men who have been groomed their entire life to be the “head of household.” And while some feminists may rejoice at the change, the adjustments that families have to make can be extremely drastic. Cuts can include family vacations, loss of a car or even a home.

But there are some perks (yes I said it) to the changes. My husband’s hours can be ever-changing, so we value the time that we all spend together. There are a lot more Wii and Uno tournaments in our house and we try new recipes on each other instead of spending a ton of money eating out.

And while we are waiting for the economy to rebound, I can’t help but think one day I am going to look back on these times and treasure the time we shared together. I don’t think I would have appreciated staying home and watching a movie with the family before, but now it’s the best way to spend a Friday evening.

Enjoy what you have and don’t focus on what you don’t!

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