There’s Thinking and Then’s There’s THINKING About #2

Two years have gone by so fast. It seems like just yesterday our little Princess was born. When she was born, she looked so perfect, so beautiful that I couldn’t imagine life without her. Shoot, I couldn’t even go to the store without crying. My husband would laugh at me and gently push me out the door.

Now Sydney waves at me when I leave. “Bye Mama,” she says as she plays with her toys. She won’t even sit with me either. The ever active Sydney never sits still unless Elmo’s World, Barney or even Wheel of Fortune is gracing our tv screen. It’s true, she’s growing up and starting to become a little girl. She doesn’t have time for Mommy!

It’s got me longing to hold a little one in my arms again. Smell the new baby smell….wash those cute little onesies….wake up for 3am feedings…WHAT! Cue the horror music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The time went by so fast that the thought of a new baby scared me. For a second, I didn’t want another child because of my intense love for my daughter.Where did all of this come from?

I’m glad though that I’m not alone with my weird thoughts. weighs the pros and cons of having a second baby right away, waiting 2-4 years or even 5 years or more. In the article, The Best Time to Have #2 (or 3), it breaks it all down. Most people that I have talked to believe that the spacing between kids works best when they are 5 years apart. According to the article, this is not the best option. Waiting 5 years means you are basically starting over, which means new everything. Also, depending on how long you wait, you are putting you and your husband in danger of being in “Kid Nation,” filled up to your eyeballs with day care and extra curricular obligations.

In our (me and J) opinion, 2-4 years apart is probably the best option for us. It allows to have a time for having all of the kids we are going to have and then move forward with our careers. Now I know what some of you Sydney fans are thinking…Syd’s gonna get left out. NOT! How could Sydney ever get left out? She’s already trying to hold and feed every baby she sees, so as long as we ensure that knows that she too is an important member of the family, our little Princess will be just fine….

Thank goodness, we are only thinking…and not THINKING!

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