2nd Birthday Party Planned Almost Perfectly

The invitations were emailed and the facebook page was created. Research was performed.  Make no mistake, I was determined that my daughter was going to have the best 2nd Birthday Party ever. The theme…Elmo’s World.  The location…our church, Greater Ecclesia Temple.

We turned our fellowship hall into Elmo’s World.  The color red was everywhere and we had plenty of activities that toddlers and young kids would enjoy.

Homemade Playdough – This is the best activity ever. Easy prep and the kids/adults love it!  It only takes a few ingredients to make and lasts the entire party.  Just make sure that you watch the kids walking around with the playdough because it can get stuck on the carpet. Also, make sure to provide small plastic bags so that people can take the dough home at the end of the party. The kids enjoyed it so much that a few of them brought it to church the following day. The consistency of the dough was still excellent and the kids loved it.

The other awesome addition was the cupcakes. I initially wanted to get an Elmo cake from Meijers. I called Meijers the day before the event,  not realizing how busy they were. I called six times and wasn’t able to reach anyone in the bakery. I thought perhaps since they were too busy to do a custom cake, I could purchase a cake on the floor and have them put “Happy Birthday Sydney” on it. I was sadly mistaken. When I arrived at the store the woman in the bakery told me that they didn’t have the time to even do that and that I was better off purchasing a holiday baked good off of the floor. How terrible!  There’s no way I could take a holiday item to my daughter’s birthday party!  I purchased the blank cake anyway and my husband and I planned to attempt to decorate it before the party. 

That’s when Craig’s Custom Cookies and Cakes stepped in and saved the day. Craig makes the best cupcakes ever!  Light and fluffy, the icing completes the deal and isn’t too sweet. We received 30 cupcakes and one special cupcake for the birthday girl. He also decorated the blank cake we purchased from Meijers and really made the cake look professional and just plain awesome. Craig’s motto is “C4 yourself how good we are,” and I couldn’t agree more. Contact Craig Allen today at (248) 376-0767 or via email at c4bakery@yahoo.com.

The end of the party couldn’t be complete without a pinata. We purchased an Elmo’s Pinata from Party City. The pinata comes with 8 pull strings so that the child that pulls the string connected to the hidden stash will reveal the candy. We decided to give all of the kids a chance to hit the pinata first and then use the pull strings after.  What excitement! All of the kids got 4 good wacks and then the pull strings revealed the candy.  My husband filled thepinata up so full that there was enough candy for each child to take home.

Though it didn’t start on time, I consider our daughter’s party to be a success. Now…what to do for next year….


One thought on “2nd Birthday Party Planned Almost Perfectly

  1. love everything and what you placed on facebook. chad has a blog and don’t know it by heart but yes enter into Elmos world and have fun fun fun.
    great going and Merry Christmas to the Snead Family.

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