Aldi vs. Grocery Store

Hi, my name is Workin’ Mama and I admit I used to think terribly of Aldi’s. I used to think so poorly of the store because a friend of ours gave us some chicken from there and needless to say it didn’t go too well.

So I decided that I wouldn’t shop at Aldi because they offered cheap products.  What a mistake that was. It’s funny how this recession has caused me to change my mind about a lot of things in order to put food on the table or offer entertainment for my family.

Convenience finally convinced me to take the chance. It was the youth department’s turn to cook in the kitchen at our church and I forgot to get the items I needed to prepare creamy chicken soup. My husband and I pick up a young person every Sunday and the only store close to him was Aldi’s. Nervously, I encouraged my husband to take me there so that I could get what I needed.

Instead of spending $20…I spent  $10 on chicken, onions, celery, chicken broth, half and half and noodles.  I was impressed. I was glad that I was able to save a few dollars in my pocket, err gas. Though I am still uneasy about purchasing meat there, I am thinking about using Aldi’s for all of my Super Bowl shopping…can we say potato skins, snacks and nachos on a budget?!

2 thoughts on “Aldi vs. Grocery Store

  1. Man are you sooooo late…I have been shopping at Aldi’s for the last 10 years since it was only on 8 mile road. I even thought about working for them. They have a great story on that you can it up on youtube…

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