School Cut Off Dates Cut Into My Plan

The school system irritates me…and my daughter hasn’t even started school yet. Our church rents out space to a local Head Start. Having my daughter attend there would be perfect – my in-laws could check on her whenever they wanted and it isn’t too far from my job. I was looking forward to enrolling her and getting her ready (potty training sucks by the way) Instead, we are searching for a Plan B.

My little one will be three on December 8th – exactly one week after the cut off date for entering school. I find this extremely unfair. Why should my child be forced to sit out an entire year just because she missed the deadline by a hair?

So what’s a Mama to do?  I have been compiling a list of schools that will accept my little one into preschool. My plan is to contact each school and schedule a site visit. I am taking my mother in law with me because she has an extraordinary background in early child development and will know exactly what to look for.

A few things that on my radar will be looking out for are security, health and safety, structure of the classrooms and how the children are treated. As my daughter is quite the active child, I don’t want her to be anywhere where the teacher can not handle her (i.e. too many kids in the classroom or because the teacher doesn’t have enough patience)

Hopefully, I will be able to find a place by the the time school starts…

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