A Trip to the Pediatrician

Yesterday was another moment in my life as a mom when I wanted the floor to open and I fall in. We took our young daughter to the pediatrician for her 2 year old checkup. As soon as we walked in, she started to whine a little. Thankfully, the office television was plugged in to PBS Kids, so she could watch one of her favorite shows (and Mommy’s too), “Word World.”

Our time to venture to the back eventually came and we faced apprehension. Not only did she not want to be weighed, she didn’t want to lie down to be measured either. She was so scared! Sydney’s behavior and our revealing that she is head banger caused her pediatrician to ask questions to ascertain if she is autistic.

Keep in mind that our daughter is very sociable, very friendly and she makes eye contact with those who are speaking to her. She however is very apprehensive around new people and she is very feisty.

According to Dr. Greene, “Up to 20 percent of healthy children are head-bangers for a time. Typically, head banging appears in the latter half of the first year of life and generally ends spontaneously by four years of age. Boys are three or four times more likely to be head-bangers than girls.”

Read more: http://www.drgreene.com/azguide/head-banging#ixzz1FZJ1kpAj

In my heart of hearts, I seriously doubt that my daughter is autistic, yet more research is required.

Is your child a head banger?  Feedback is appreciated!

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