Welcome back…and Find Something to Do!

Welcome Back, welcome back, welcome back!

It’s been a while since my last blog. The reason why? I’ve just been too doggone busy! Too much work to do at work and home. Everyone knows that being a parent is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. This knowledge leads me stuck on the couch when I get home. And though my double chin would love it if I continued to stay on the couch, the weather is too beautiful outside to let the exhaustion get to me. Time to get out and explore!

Eastern Market

I have been there since I was a little girl, but I heard that if you go close to closing time, you can actually get some pretty good deals. Visiting Eastern Market would be good as a family trip, Copyright Eastern Market Corporation 2009especially if it involves getting a corned beef sandwich from Russell Street Deli. YUMMY! I caught some pretty good advice on yelp.com:

You have to know how to shop at the market to actually succeed.

By that I mean you have to have a thick skin and a poker face. There are people who pay full price and then there is me who can seemingly walk off with the whole place for a fin.

As a public service, I will impart a few of my secrets to good deals.
1. Only suckers come to the market in the morning.
   Ok you got out of bed at 4am to get a good parking spot, and you think you’ll get a good deal and be done by 9? Think again. At the opening of the market its a sellers market. They have ALL DAY to watch the masses paw over all the goods. See where I’m going here?

2.  Act like you’ve seen better.
    I like to take a casual walk through to decide between what I actually need and what I cannot live without. There are some tempting things and sometimes its too much to resist, but wait, the reward is worth the wait.
3. The Golden Hour
      comes between 3 and 5 pm. You know the drill. The market has now turned into a buyer’s market. Most farmers will not like to haul all that unsold produce back to where ever they came from. This is where you swoop in and offer somewhere between half and one quarter of the list price. OK there is no use in feeling guilt here. He’s been there all day and probably has made a tidy bundle already. So, offering a price lower than the one marked will usually get you a deal. There is no magic formula, nothing special, just be dispassionate, and put your best deal forward.

One guy who didn’t get the ambiance of the market told me his prices were firm, like the supermarket. I shot back that I had seen better at Kroger. I hope he gets it now, after hauling all his produce back to the Thumb.

The Eastern Market is both an education and institution. Don’t forget the killer corned beef sandwiches if you can find them. Go forth and shop, Grasshopper.

Detroit River Days

Definitely call it a comeback because Detroit River Days are on their way back June 23-26, 2011. The three-day event includes a variety of activities for the entire family including tall ships, jet-ski demos, riverboat tours, live music, sand sculptures, bike tours, kids activities and much more! I think we want to take advantage of the MGM Grand Detroit Parade of Lights, which features decorated sailboats and powerboats beginning at 10pm.

Admission for the Detroit River Days is a cool cost efficient $3, but on Friday, June 24th, admission will be free between 11am and 5pm. And don’t forget about the Food Court, which features yummy food. And think about it , you can eat and walk it off, all at the same time!

Needless to say, there are a ton of activities that warrant leaving the couch this summer.  I wonder if I can take a nap at my desk so that I can be ready for all of this fun…

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