Hard-Cover vs Digital Portfolios: How to Best Showcase Your Skills

No matter your profession, having a portfolio is still the best way to showcase your skills in an interview. A portfolio allows you to tell the story of your career and show what you can do with the position you are interviewing. I have always benefited from bringing a portfolio to interviews and often it helped the interviewer to really get to know me and what I could offer the company.

While most experts recommend having a hard copy portfolio on hand, digital portfolios are becoming more and more popular. Freelance Switch offers advice for professionals seeking to make the decision of whether to go with a hard cover or digital portfolio in an article How to Make Your Portfolio Work for You. The article recommends taking a hard cover portfolio to the interview, but can’t put down the benefits of having a digital portfolio available as well. The benefits of having a digital portfolio include the absolute pure ability to reach a broader audience in finding a job or new clients for your business. The article recommends carbonmade.com and creativeshake.com as an option for those who want to get started uploading their portfolio items.

Got a new way to stand out in the interview pool? Add your comments here!

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