Paging Date Night…Have you seen it?

I remember the times when my husband and I would go to the movies every week. We would go to museums on the weekend and try new restaurants; mostly which had an imaginary sign on the front door saying : NO CHILDREN ALLOWED.

Now, our idea of going out is picking up something from a restauarant, bringing it home and watching a kids movie. That’s right, “Princess and the Frog,” was the favorite movie of the house by everyone (my husband included) for a very long time.

Although we miss the days of dinner and a movie for two, we enjoy spending time together as a family. Nothing is funnier than seeing Syd laughing at the movie, “Despicable Me.” Friday and Saturday nights are designated as Family nights. We really enjoy spending time with one another and I think that’s part of the problem. The other part is that babysitters in the evening are few and far in between. As our daughter is of the active kind, not too many people are willing to give up their evening to chase Syd around their homes. Only her grandparents are willing to practice for the Olympics by watching her. That being said, the hubby and I are way overdue for an evening just for us. After almost 4 years of marriage, and being parents for 2 and ½ of those years , we are definitely deserving . So how can a couple with a small child have date night? I have researched and researched and other than breaking down and paying for a babysitter, here’s what I found:

  • Picnic Hike – packing food in a backpack and then going out to some far out place and hike. Seriously? I don’t think so! Besides the fact that I HATE cold food, I can’t see the husband going for this one.
  • Turn Day into Night – take a day off of work and go on a date while Syd is at school/Grandma and Grandpa’s house, go and see the sights. This works for us because my husband and I love to go to museums.
  • Take it Indoors – Turn the living room into an indoor picnic area. You could go all out and make cutsie little sandwiches, but if you have some pizza coupons and want to order your favorite pizza, that’s cool too.

There’s a way to have date night even if you do have small children. With a little bit of patience and creativity, it can be done! Now, does anyone have an extra picnic basket?

2 thoughts on “Paging Date Night…Have you seen it?

  1. It’s great,you guys are making time for eachother minus the kid.Because when she is grown and with her own life,it will be just you and Jason.Some parents place their child(ren) ahead of their marriage and it creates not so good results.The best example for a child to see is mommy and daddy happy,respecting and loving on eachother.kudos to you and Jason.
    Bre and Ariana did offer their services when you were heavy with Syd.Hint,hint.

  2. I believe your date night is coming soon and you will get the chance. When you go out have MUCH FUN!!!!. God WILL make a way.

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