Scrambling Just in Time for Father’s Day

For some reason Dads always get the short end of the stick. Bear in mind that a month before Mother’s Day, my subconscious reminded me to make sure I got something for both my Mother’s (Mama and MIL). And yet my memory was no where to be found for Father’s Day. Even though they are close together, somehow I forgot.

I know I am not the only one who forgot. Father’s Day is probably the most forgotten holiday ever. Think I am lying? Try going to a restaurant on Sunday and you will find that you are seated a lot faster than you were on Mother’s Day.

So, now I am combing through the internet, looking for thoughtful ways to honor the day and save my own behind. Luckily shutterfly had some awesome deals to send my dad a fabulous gift.  For my husband, I am making his favorite meal of steak with mashed potatoes, roasted tomatoes and steamed broccoli. And for the greatest Father-in-Law..dinner on Sunday.

And so we are saved….until next year!

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