Toddler Hair Wars

It’s my least favorite subject concerning my daughter and yet EVERYONE loves to approach me about it. My daughter came to the world with a full head of hair and I was overjoyed. I just knew that she wouldn’t have my issues with hair, as I came to this world bald as a golden egg. But thanks to cradle crap and just being a baby, she has a patch in the back of head that refuses to grow.
Trying to be a Mom that listens to advice, I have tried everything that has been suggested. Determined to find something that will work so that everyone can put a CORK IN IT, I have compiled a list of what didn’t work and what I am willing to try.
1. Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo – This product didn’t work on my daughter’s hair because it stripped all of the moisture out. It left her scalp crying out for any oil that I could add. Not recommended for African American babies.
2. Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Oil – This product didn’t offer anything but a slick head for the little one. Also a product not recommended for African American babies.
3. Olive Oil – Olive Oil works on her hair, but it’s not lasting. I usually oil her hair twice a day and still it looks like a soft cotton ball and the patch isn’t filling up any sooner.
4. Carol’s Daughter Hair Butter – I used the entire container on my little lab experiment and it didn’t really do anything. Her hair is soft enough as it is, so it didn’t really offer any tangible results.
5. Carol’s Daughter Inner Shine Conditioner – I love this product! It smells great and it allows her hair to be managed. It doesn’t really stim
6. Tiny Twirls – The daily moisturizer worked great on Syd’s hair, but often left a residue after using it for several days. Recommendation: use in small quantities.

So far the next suggestions I have received are: braid her hair, don’t braid her hair, brush it several times a day, give her a hot oil treatment and let her sleep with a shower cap on her head. Excuse me, while my head twists off my head!

Offer suggestions at your own risk….I’m a Mommy on Edge!

2 thoughts on “Toddler Hair Wars

  1. My daughter also has that bald patch in back of her head from a bad case of cradle cap! I try not to sweat it and just focus on maintaining healthy hair. I like the Carol’s Daughter stuff and Kinky Curly just came out with a line of baby hair care products.

  2. Teresha, I am going to check out Kinky Curly. I have a feeling that it’s just going to take time and nothing I do outside of waiting will cause my little baby’s hair to grow in the back.

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