Crossing Old Bridges…Moving Forward From Your Old Job

Last night I had the opportunity to celebrate one of my former employers 25 years in business. One of their ways of celebrating was inviting their “alumni” employees back for a night of reminciing and good food. Intially, I hadn’t planned on going; partly because I am pregnant and since it seemed high-school reunionish, I was a little timid at showing the fat face and belly. But the other reason I had thought about not attending was because it was a journey back into the past and I didn’t want to remember the bad memories.

In the end, I decided to put all of the excuses aside and I went to celebrate. And I have to admit that I enjoyed myself. I loved seeing those that remained that I kept in contact with, those I hadn’t kept in contact and meeting those I had never met before. I laughed more than I thought I would and actually missed being there. As I walked the halls, I could remember the good times of putting the incoming mail in the mail slots, the hustle and bustle of the day, the big desk I had with the fax machine right behind me. I missed the laughter, the Friday bagel days and even “febreezing” the carpet in the large conference room after big meetings.

If there were such a thing as closure, this was it. As the evening came to a close, I walked away from the building feeling proud that I had worked there. The time I spent as an Administrative/HR Assistant was not all bad. I was a young woman, fresh from college, but I learned to prioritize, how to restart a voicemail server, how to fix a copier in 1 minute and the importance of always remaining professional. I was glad that the boss I thought hated me, actually had good memories of me. And most importantly, I was glad that I could leave the bad memories in the past and remember only the good.

I guess the phrase, “Don’t Burn Bridges,” is actually true. You never know what the future holds..

2 thoughts on “Crossing Old Bridges…Moving Forward From Your Old Job

  1. So true what you say about burning bridges. I have always tried to leave bad jobs on a good note. Glad you had a good time at the party. How far along are you? I am 7.5 months and feel/look like 10!

  2. LOL! I am only 4 months, but this sciatic/round ligament pain is kicking my butt.

    I was very surprised that I had fun…what a difference time and distance makes…

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