Are There Health Benefits to a Relationship With Your Mother-in-Law?

I think I am probably one of the few women that have a great relationship with their Mother-in-Law. Our bond comes from an interesting potion based on the premise that she understands where I am coming from and genuinely respects the relationship that I have with her son. Our relationship with one another doesn’t come between the rapport that I have with my own Mother, who unfortunately lives 1,000 miles away.

However, the bond that we have flows to the relationship she maintains with my daughter. Those who know them can tell you that they are major BFF’s…never to be separated. I know that I can trust my Mother-in-Law with my daughter and that she will always have her back. She follows our ideas on discipline and encourages her to be a smart and independent little girl. And now that I have a little boy on the way, I am sure that he will treasure his relationship with his grandmother as much as his sister. In an article that I read on Babble, there seems to be a little science that backs up the benefits to our relationship. According to the article, Living Next To Mother-in-Law Makes Healthier Babies, Suggests Study (We’re Not Joking), there are health benefits to women who live closer to their Mother-in-Laws.

A new study out of Sheffield University suggests that proximity to your mother-in-law is invaluable. Dr. Virpi Lummaa studied 300 years’ worth of records up until the year 2000 and found that moms who live close to their mothers-in-law were less likely to have babies who died in infancy. In addition, “sons and daughters married younger if their mothers were alive, they also had more children and had smaller gaps in time between each birth.”

The whole idea might seem wacky to those whose relationship with their dreaded MIL’s is less than satisfying, but I guess I can speak for those women who don’t have those poor experiences when I say it makes sense. My Mother-in-Law rocks and I am not ashamed to say it!

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