9-5 Plus Homework

I should have named this post “The Adventures of Common Core”. My eldest, a bright and active six year old, has the absolutestop_common_core_rotten_to_the_core thrill of her life to be in kindergarten. You remember kindergarten, right? Recess, nap time, learning to cut and paste, rug time and lots of snacks.

Not…anymore. Instead of spending time learning about school, my kindergartner and her classmates are treated like first graders. We’re talking book reports, addition, special projects and ordinal numbers.

After getting out of school at 4pm and a quick nap (because she falls asleep in the car), my husband and I switch turns going over the “Daily News”, which includes a ton of sight words and instructions for what is expected to be completed. In addition, there’s also a homework sheet, and the students are instructed to pick an activity from the “Homework Calendar”. And if she doesn’t pass out on us, then we have her work on some items on the classroom approved website.

I know what you are thinking…where’s dinner? Where’s that family time? All of it is smashed together. Between the hours of 5-8pm, we move at lightening speed to get in homework, dinner, chores, family time, and a quick bath. Talk about exhausting!

All of this work equals tired parents ( who have already gone to work that day) and tired children. I can’t imagine what it is going to be like when the other two rugrats enter school. I wonder if we could hire a nanny just to do the homework…

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