Refuse to Look the Other Way


If you live in the metropolitan Detroit area, then you have heard of the “mother” (and I use that term loosely) that killed two of her children and then stored them in a deep freezer. The media is going crazy talking about it and the story was the subject of most water cooler conversations today.

What’s the craziest part about this story is that these children were dead for two years. TWO YEARS? At the time of their deaths, the children were believed to have been ages 13 and 9. I can’t fathom that these children were missing and no one noticed. These children weren’t missed by their family? School system? No Truancy Officers were dispatched to the home?  What about Thanksgiving and Christmas? Their smiling faces weren’t missed around the Christmas tree?

“The alleged facts in this case present examples of why we must be diligent and involved citizens,” Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said in a statement. “A good way to protect society’s children is to be alert and look out [for] your neighborhood youth, refuse to look the other way, and report what you know when necessary. Even though we are issuing these charges today, this tragic case remains under investigation.”

We often joke about the adage “it takes a village to raise a child,” but it’s true. We have gotten away from getting involved with one another. Everyone goes into their own homes and does their own thing. We never take the time to put down our smart phones and look away from our DVRs to find out what’s going on. Because if we do, then we will have to get involved. We will have to take a stand and we can no longer use the excuse “it’s not my business,” just so that we can look away and go back to our own lives.

Many of you are like me, preparing for yet another busy day in your home and couldn’t bear to think of yet one more thing, but I encourage you to take a look around your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors. Bring back the “village mentality.”

Perhaps if someone did in this case, two children would be alive today.

For more information regarding this case, check out the Detroit Free Press article here.

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