No Words

As a normal human being, we sometimes take life for granted. We think that nothing will ever happen to us and that we have full control. My husband and I learned a very important lesson over the past weekend. Saturday morning began as most do. I was awakened by the sounds of my 10-month-old daughter and promptly got up to nurse her. She ate and burped and laid on my chest as I spoke with her father. All of a sudden, I sensed a change in my daughter. I looked down to find that she was stiff as a board. Her eyes had rolled back and her mouth was opened wide. I screamed as I noticed she was turning redder by the second.

My husband, thinking that she was choking, grabbed her and vigorously started to pat her back. I called 911 and began to pray out loud, “Please Lord, don’t take my baby!” At that time, she groaned and her arms went limp. Her lips began to turn deep purple. “No Lord,” my husband screamed and he laid her down and began to do CPR. It’s safe to say both of us lost it. The dispatcher on the phone informed us that help was on the way and pleaded with us to remain calm. The efforts of CPR worked, and our little baby daughter came back to us, confused and quietly looking at her crazed parents.

Thank goodness, help came quickly. The city that we live in sent the fire department, three police officers and an ambulance. We were sent to Providence Hospital in Southfield, only to be transferred to Beaumont Hospital because of their superior pediatric unit. I couldn’t be more pleased. Since we have been here, I have experienced true professionalism and care for our daughter. They don’t have a full diagnosis yet, but are working diligently to do so.

Hug your children a little tightly today. Complain a little less about the mess in their rooms. Life is precious and can be taken in seconds.


12 thoughts on “No Words

  1. Jesus loves the little children! As an adult this will be Ava’s testimony! Always praying for my family!

  2. There is healing in prayer. Thanks to believers in the Living God for prayers of healing for my granddaughter. Words cannot explain how grateful I am for this blessing. This is event demonstrates why I can live away from my children; they are children of the Most High God and he will protect them from all harm.

    Love you more than ever, NeNe Gloria

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