Preschool Graduations are Only the Beginning

It’s graduation season and it’s time for proud parents to sit anxiously in those extra-small chairs and limited air conditioning as they wait for their precious angel, dressed in a shiny cap and gown, to walk across the stage to accept their diploma. Except these days you can barely see your child because parents are competing with each other for space, so that their tiny smartphones can capture every second.

This type of competition begins in preschool. Parents are piling into those tight little spaces with their phones at the ready. I can’t deny it–I’m guilty. I charged my phone and my husband’s phone so that we could photograph and record my middle child’s preschool graduation. I was so irritated every time I had to adjust my phone because another parent was getting in the way of my view of my adorable son.



It can be hectic, but can you honestly blame parents? From the changing curriculum to the homework  (yes I said it) and even the periodic assessments, parents are more than happy that their child has made it to preschool graduation.


And to think, it’s just the beginning. With the end of preschool, comes even more homework, standardized tests, field trips, school events, and my least favorite, fundraisers. By the time my children get to high school graduation, I might even hire professionals to come in and capture every angle of the event. It’s a lot of work preparing our young people for the future.

Now, time to hit up Pinterest for best ways to preserve graduation memories. #dontjudgeme


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