Ditch the Cable or the Satellite! Join the Cut the Cord Community!

Scissors cutting through a TV shaped coaxial cable -- cord cutting conceptRecently my family decided to break away from DirecTV. There wasn’t anything wrong with the service, in fact it was top notch. But the bill that came every month took more out of our budget than we could bear. Through some quick internet research, I found some options and I decided to try them out. Immediately a wave of relief washed over me and before long, I was hooked!

In order to successfully cut the cord, here’s what you need:

indoor_antennaPurchase an Indoor or Outdoor HDTV Antenna – Depending on where you live, you might have to buy an outdoor antenna. The best way to find out is to head over to AntennaWeb. They’ll give you an idea of the signal strength in your area and the stations available.

Bump Up Your WiFi Speed – Streaming requires a hefty bandwidth so make sure your router can handle it. Contact your internet provider to up your package.

Roku_PremiereGet a Streaming Media Player – There are different options available. We’ve opted to use our Xbox One in the living room and the Roku Premiere for the bedroom. The Roku Premiere is cost effective and has some pretty exciting features, including the ability to download the remote app. Comes in handy when the remote (which is very small) gets lost under the bed.

Sign-Up for Streaming Services – Again, there are many different options available. We have chosen Sling, Hulu, and Netflix. These services are awesome in their own right, but we are still missing certain channels including OWN. I can’t wait until Oprah opens the floodgates and allows streaming of her shows.

We’ve saved a few bucks cutting the cord, how about you? What are your tips for kicking the cable or satellite companies to the curb?

One thought on “Ditch the Cable or the Satellite! Join the Cut the Cord Community!

  1. Very good information. We tried to cut the cord and couldn’t do it because in our area getting consistent local TV was challenging to say the least. If you live in a rural area that is quite a distance from the city, you might have the same problem that we had.

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