Behind The Workin’ Mama

Sherice Snead

Sherice Snead, owner of Divine Elements, LLC, is the Workin’ Mama. An avid marketing specialist, she has  worked in the AEC industry as a marketing and public relations specialist for over 10 years. Her specialties include the formatting and coordination of proposals for private sector and government contracts, development of content used in collateral materials and event planning.

Over the years, Sherice has worked with several religious and other non-profit organizations to create innovative and creative flyers, invitations and brochures and developing successful marketing campaigns.  But the greatest work she is proud to be a part of her is her growing family.

Stay tuned for more updates about Mama-related topics.

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2 thoughts on “Behind The Workin’ Mama

  1. Hi Sherice,

    I work with Graeter’s Ice Cream, which has recently launched into local grocery stores in Michigan, including Kroger and Meijer. We will be at the Michigan International Women’s Show in Novi (at the Suburban Collection Showplace) April 28-May 1.

    We’d love to invite you out on Saturday, April 30, as a guest of Graeter’s Ice Cream and Kroger, for an “ice cream Sundae throwndown” of sorts, and to hang out at the show.

    We are hoping to invite all of the MichMoms bloggers, in addition to several other mom bloggers from the area to compete to win some delicious Graeter’s Ice Cream!

    My e-mail is and my number is 713-867-3182 and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Hope you can join us on Saturday April 30th.


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