Up and Away!

Our family has embarked on an important milestone….we have a crawler in our midst! At the prime age of 11-months, our little one is now crawling around the house. She can also amaze Ava and Mashed Potatoesher family by moving around in the walker. Let the days of the baby gate begin!

Upon hearing the news that our baby was crawling, I immediately teared up. How could I not? Almost a month ago, we weren’t sure what was going on, our entire world was upside down. Mystery surrounded a condition called “rickets.”

Now..up and away! I can only assume that life is going to move at warp speed since we have yet one more child to chase around the house!

Thank you God for blessing us with our little ones….even if they are moving faster than a speeding Vitamin D bullet!


New Year Resolutions err…Decisions

It’s that time of the year again when everyone considers changes that they can make in their lives. More than 40 to 45%  of Americans go as far as making New Year’s Resolutions. And yet, many of those who make solemn vows to lose weight, give up smoking or stop procrastinating, often give up less than 3 months into the game.

As I ponder my own resolutions, I wonder how as my friend Marnette says,  make these resolutions into “decisions”. I turn to an article that I found on ehow.com that is written to help everyone make changes in their life.

My favorites from this article include:

  • Aim low. It goes without saying that most New Year’s resolutions are easier announced (or written) than done-but if you set the bar too high, you’re doomed from the start. Instead of a sweeping declaration like “I will lose 30 pounds by April and finally fit into that dress,” target a goal that’s more attainable, like losing 10 or 15 pounds.
  • Tell everyone you know. One school of thought says that New Year’s resolutions are best kept to oneself, but look at it this way: the more people to whom you announce your resolution (say, to get out of your dead-end job by spring), the more people there’ll be to prod you along if you fall behind. There’s no shame in seeking help if you can’t accomplish your resolution on your own
Instead of making a huge list, I have narrowed my decisions for 2011 down to two:
  • Lose weight…not looking to become my former 17 year old self, but a slimmer face and stomach would be nice
  • More face time with the fam…I work a lot of hours professionally and in our ministry, so I will need to cut back a little so that Sydney doesn’t think that the computer is a sibling!
Fingers crossed that I can stay on task!

Wanted: Face Reduction

Ok, so the working out thing is kinda getting on my nerves. I want to, but the stressful hours spent working and then taking care of the family make it difficult for me to do anything other than collapsing on the couch. All work and no exercise makes Mama a fat blob. And an unhealthy one at that.

To be honest, I‘m ok with the huge butt, but to have a fat face is unacceptable. I recently got a hair cut and though I am adjusting to having a shorter style, I noticed that it draws attention to my huge face. Seriously, my face could be compared to a Butterball Turkey, it’s huge!

I heard that wearing rounded neck shirts, short hair and having bangs are definite no-no’s for fat chicks. Let me know if you have any other advice.

So, I am back to finding time to exercise. If only we could receive an anonymous donation or something so I could exercise all day like these skinny girls on tv…ah to dream…

Wii Boxing Works! Cue the Music Rocky!

Oh my goodness, my arms and legs hurt!  Last night, I got up to 30 minutes in using the Wii Boxing game. And I felt pretty good about it too…can we say KO 3 times in a row!  Rocky ain’t got a thing on me! Of course that was after I used the training exercises to get myself together.

Rocky ain't got nothing on me!

I better start taking this seriously. So on Monday, I have decided to start weighing myself and seeing if any of this is making a difference.  I have noticed that my stomach is going down (goodbye Mommy pooch!) and my arms don’t seem as huge. All of this makes me thing that there is something to this using the Wii as exercise thing. Cue the music Rocky!

All of that salad I am forcing myself to eat is probably helping a little too.

I am taking a break from it today since tonight is Bible Study night. My legs are rejoicing at that thought!

Wii Can Do It!

I am going to lose weight using the Wii (click my heels three times).  Initially I thought of it as a joke, because it seems as if I never have time to exercise and by the time I get home, cook a decent meal for the family and do a little bit of the chores, it is usually time to go to bed…if I haven’t fallen out by then. And that’s not even counting if we have to go to the church that night.

But this weight, baby weight or otherwise isn’t going anywhere and I am personally sick of being fat.  I don’t want to take pictures, and the well meaning comments are getting on my nerves. Plus, I am feeling pain in ways that I don’t think I would if I were my normal size.

Using the Wii to lose weight accomplishes two things.  It allows me to exercise and we can use it as family time as well.  Wii Healthy, a site for those who are looking to lose weight using the Wii, provides the amount of calories you can burn within a set time by playing Wii Sports. The best games that promote weight loss are boxing, tennis and the Wii Fitness Test.

Another program that I am using is Jenny McCarthy’s Your Shape. Using a USB camera, the program analyzes your figure and offers suggestions during the workout.  It even has a workout program for an active mom and yoga to cool down.

I have already had some positive results and will continue to use these programs.  Plus since it’s warm out, me and Syd are gonna be hitting the parks up and getting some exercise that way.

Wish me luck!