Don’t Let Work Get in the Way of Summer!


The summer has arrived and this year, I have no intention of spending it how I usually do…working. (says the “Recovering Workaholic”). Like most working Moms, the only way I know that it’s summer is the increased cost of the grocery bill. Other than that, it’s more proposals, presentations, and other marketing tasks for me.

This year, my eldest daughter is having none of it. “Can we do something fun this summer, Mommy?” So, here we are, scouring the Internet for events. Luckily, I don’t think the kiddos will disappointed. There are tons of events happening around Metro Detroit and I am determined that the family to going to have fun!

Here are a few spots that our family will visit over the summer:

  • Head to the Park-There are many great parks in the metro Detroit area that have plenty of things to do for the kiddos. Our favorite parks are:
  • Go Zoo Crazy! The Detroit Zoo is perfect for our family, if only we could ride the train throughout the whole park! The best event offered at the Zoo during the summer is the Wild Summer Nights, which offers concerts and activities on Wednesday nights during July and August from 6:30pm to 8pm.
  • Take a Trip to the Library – A visit to the library during the summer is perfect for the kids because it encourages them to continue to use those thinking-caps! Southfield Public Library has the Ticket to Read program, which includes activities and a reading program for all ages — from the smallest readers to adults!
  • Visit the Festival of Hope! Every year Hope United Methodist Church hosts the Festival of Hope. The event, which returns to the metro Detroit area July 13-16, 2017,  is free and provides carnival style food and games and live entertainment. Visit this link to learn more about how to save money on all-day ride wristbands and ride tickets!
  • Venture to the Outdoors – The Outdoor Adventure Center in Detroit, offers to educate families about the great outdoors through insightful exhibits and air conditioning. Events of interest to my family include the WOW – Wild Over Wednesday , which occurs the last Wednesday of each month.  For a whopping $0, from 6 to 8 p.m., visitors can take part in the special programs, fun and games around a specific topic each month, plus enjoy all the exhibits. In addition, the Center offers story time for the kiddos, hands-on experiences, games and informational sessions for interested visitors.
  • Get Cooking! The Eastern Market is one of the oldest and coolest marketplaces in the country. During the summer, they offer Kids Summer Cooking Classes. According to their site, these lessons are targeted at ages 6 – 12, and each class is $10. Classes will be held in the Eastern Market Community Kitchen in Shed 5 from 9:00am – 10:30am.

Enjoy the summer and don’t work too hard!


Hypocalcaemia ain’t got nothing on us!

So the little one is a rock star. The nurses love her and she has shocked the doctors. She hasBeaumont Hospital surpassed every goal the doctors have set and they are ready for to leave. And my little angel couldn’t be more ready herself. She ripped out all of the cords except for her IV. She would have gotten to that to if the nurses hadn’t taped it down thoroughly.

And so we wave goodbye to Beaumont Hospital. We leave the hospital with an order to come  back for a follow-up blood test on Friday. She will have to be on a high dose of calcium for the next 8 weeks and will have to see a pediatric endocrinologist.  I can’t even imagine how costly the hospital bills are going to be, but it doesn’t matter. A sense of gratitude has washed over our entire family.

A very special thank you to those who offered a kind word or prayer for our family. All of those messages on Facebook, text messages and this blog are forever saved in our hearts. We only hope that we can be as supportive to you as you have been to us.

As we move to celebrate the Easter holiday…make sure you include Vitamin D in your plans. Vitamin DEveryone could use it!

Scrambling Just in Time for Father’s Day

For some reason Dads always get the short end of the stick. Bear in mind that a month before Mother’s Day, my subconscious reminded me to make sure I got something for both my Mother’s (Mama and MIL). And yet my memory was no where to be found for Father’s Day. Even though they are close together, somehow I forgot.

I know I am not the only one who forgot. Father’s Day is probably the most forgotten holiday ever. Think I am lying? Try going to a restaurant on Sunday and you will find that you are seated a lot faster than you were on Mother’s Day.

So, now I am combing through the internet, looking for thoughtful ways to honor the day and save my own behind. Luckily shutterfly had some awesome deals to send my dad a fabulous gift.  For my husband, I am making his favorite meal of steak with mashed potatoes, roasted tomatoes and steamed broccoli. And for the greatest Father-in-Law..dinner on Sunday.

And so we are saved….until next year!

Paging Date Night…Have you seen it?

I remember the times when my husband and I would go to the movies every week. We would go to museums on the weekend and try new restaurants; mostly which had an imaginary sign on the front door saying : NO CHILDREN ALLOWED.

Now, our idea of going out is picking up something from a restauarant, bringing it home and watching a kids movie. That’s right, “Princess and the Frog,” was the favorite movie of the house by everyone (my husband included) for a very long time.

Although we miss the days of dinner and a movie for two, we enjoy spending time together as a family. Nothing is funnier than seeing Syd laughing at the movie, “Despicable Me.” Friday and Saturday nights are designated as Family nights. We really enjoy spending time with one another and I think that’s part of the problem. The other part is that babysitters in the evening are few and far in between. As our daughter is of the active kind, not too many people are willing to give up their evening to chase Syd around their homes. Only her grandparents are willing to practice for the Olympics by watching her. That being said, the hubby and I are way overdue for an evening just for us. After almost 4 years of marriage, and being parents for 2 and ½ of those years , we are definitely deserving . So how can a couple with a small child have date night? I have researched and researched and other than breaking down and paying for a babysitter, here’s what I found:

  • Picnic Hike – packing food in a backpack and then going out to some far out place and hike. Seriously? I don’t think so! Besides the fact that I HATE cold food, I can’t see the husband going for this one.
  • Turn Day into Night – take a day off of work and go on a date while Syd is at school/Grandma and Grandpa’s house, go and see the sights. This works for us because my husband and I love to go to museums.
  • Take it Indoors – Turn the living room into an indoor picnic area. You could go all out and make cutsie little sandwiches, but if you have some pizza coupons and want to order your favorite pizza, that’s cool too.

There’s a way to have date night even if you do have small children. With a little bit of patience and creativity, it can be done! Now, does anyone have an extra picnic basket?