Gasp! A trip to the museum is educational and F-U-N!

On Friday night, the youth group at my church visited the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) as part of their “GET Honored” Weekend. The purpose of the trip was to congratulate the recent graduates and have a fun cultural experience. On Friday evenings, the DIA is open for free to Detroit residents, which made the trip even better. The only thing they had to pay for their meal at the Café DIA.

To make the night educational, I borrowed a scavenger hunt idea from my friend (Thanks Mike Odom!). It was simple really, but it encouraged them to visit all areas of the museum and really look at the art. Some of the pieces of art they had to find include:

  • A dancing girl
  • A silver necklace
  • An African drum
  • A knight in shining armor
  • An Egyptian coin
  • Factory workers

I added on to the hunt by asking them to indicate the author of the painting/piece of art, title and provide an observation of what they thought. The results were amazing. Not only did each of the participants find the objects, but they came up with keen observations. And most importantly, they want to go back and visit the DIA again…and soon.


Great Children’s Museum…Not For the Little Ones…

This weekend was a great weekend for our family. We spent time together watching movies, eating great food and venturing out to the Detroit Children’s Museum. Most importantly, I stayed away from the work laptop and focused on spending time with the family.

Tons of families took advantage of the free event. There were strollers and little feet everywhere! We walked through the first half of the museum enjoying it as two adults with Syd not really taking part. Most of it was over her head and she wasn’t really interested in being around all of those kids.

However, there was an area for the little kids where they could do puppet shows and play with blocks. Syd tried to play with the other kids, but was a little too aggressive. We definitely need to work with her on her socialization skills.

Most of the outing was over her day, but at least she enjoyed tasting Daddy’s bomb pop.

Fun Days Can be Free

These days not only am I looking for ways to spend time with the kid in a way that is educational and fun, but also free!  Money doesn’t grow on trees, so any time I hear about a free event for kids, I pounce like a dog to a bone.

I was recently disappointed that the Detroit CityFest wasn’t going to take place this year, so I have taken to searching the Internet looking for local events in the area that I think that Syd and the hubby might be interested in.

Thanks to Facebook, I have discovered The Detroit Children’s Museum. The Museum, now owned by the Detroit Science Center is having a Grand Re-Opening Celebration June 26-27, 2010 and we are definitely going.  During this celebration, admission is free and will feature a variety of collections including more than 100,000 artifacts ranging from dinosaur bones to dioramas, masks, costumes and dolls from around the world, an extensive collection of rocks, fossils and crystals, and more; plus a “touch the stars” planetarium; and hands-on art and activity stations, the museum will offer visitors a unique look at world cultures, art, history and science.

The weekend will also include an outdoor block party, hands-on activities, planetarium shows and did I mention that it’s free?

In my search I also discovered Detroit River Days, which is currently happening this weekend downtown. Though the event is not free (only a $3 admission fee), it offers your family the opportunity to get out of the house and hear some interesting music, shop the vendors and walk along the Detroit River.

Even Workin’ Mamas can do some fun stuff too!