Lovin’ Life to Save Lives

LL2SL_flyerI love to plan parties. Every birthday, the hubby and I pull all of the money we can together to make sure that our children feel celebrated. And it usually  works, to the point that when it is our birthday, they feel that we need to have a party too.

So of course we wanted to celebrate the first anniversary of Ava’s experience.

To read more about Ava’s story, click here

Though some will want to forget the day that we lost her only to have God return her sweet spirit to us 6 minutes later,  we feel the need to be ever thankful. The way that we show our thanks to the Lord is to share with our friends and family the importance of CPR training.

Are you CPR certified? Join us!

We teamed up with the Ecclesia Community Development Corporation to develop an event that is fun and educational. With Ava in mind, we are calling the event Lovin’ Life to Save Lives. On Saturday, March 19, 2016,  we invite everyone to participate in CPR Training/Certification at Greater Ecclesia Temple in Detroit. The event, which costs $25/person, begins at 10am and lunch is provided.

If you are certified, and would like to sponsor someone else, please message me today. Our goal is to make sure that no one goes through what we went through. My hubby saved Ava’s life through brief CPR training learned by watching tv. We want you to have the real thing.

Greater Ecclesia Temple is located at 9611 Iris Street in Detroit.


Up and Away!

Our family has embarked on an important milestone….we have a crawler in our midst! At the prime age of 11-months, our little one is now crawling around the house. She can also amaze Ava and Mashed Potatoesher family by moving around in the walker. Let the days of the baby gate begin!

Upon hearing the news that our baby was crawling, I immediately teared up. How could I not? Almost a month ago, we weren’t sure what was going on, our entire world was upside down. Mystery surrounded a condition called “rickets.”

Now..up and away! I can only assume that life is going to move at warp speed since we have yet one more child to chase around the house!

Thank you God for blessing us with our little ones….even if they are moving faster than a speeding Vitamin D bullet!

Strong Bones Build Character

“Someone said adversity builds character, but someone else said adversity reveals character. I’m pleasantly surprised with my resilience. I persevere, and not just blindly. I take the best, get rid of the rest, and move on, realizing that you can make a choice to take the good.” Brooke Shields
4rdqcIt has been 2 weeks and 1 day since our lives have changed. My Mother-in-Law is on me about moving the baby into her crib and I am dragging my feet. She still isn’t sleeping through the night and so I don’t want to interrupt the sleep of my eldest with the sounds of a crying baby. After all, she has to go to school and needs her rest.

But my biggest reason is because I constantly wake up to check on her. Any little sound instantly drags me from my sleep to check for anything out of the ordinary.

I know that I shouldn’t worry. Her pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Peter Gerrits, MDgerrits_peter called me at work today to inform us that her lab results show she is taking the calcium well. Her dosage will be cut in half and he wants to test her Vitamin D levels in two weeks. He remarks that she is doing very well and expects her to have a full recovery. Even better, he wants to communicate with her pediatrician to make sure they are on the same wavelength in terms of her treatment.

That’s what we like the most about Dr. Gerrits. He is all about communication and making sure we understand what’s going on. We wish we could have said the same thing about our daughter’s first pediatrician. After much thought, we decided to her go and move our daughter to the same physician that tends to our other two kiddos. Reasoning for the Donald Trump style firing? Even though she was informed of the serious nature of her daughter’s health, she never called or emailed or even visited her hospital room. Perhaps she has too many clients or just plain rude. Either way, we decided that we only want the best for all of our children. And in my opinion, there’s no better pediatrician than Dr. Crystal Banks…so she gets all of our feisty children!

Before getting off the phone, her endocrinologist reminded us to take her outside for a few minutes every day to make sure she gets some sunshine on that pretty little face of hers. Hearing him say that reminds me of her first birthday party, only weeks away.  At first, we were going to have a small event, just cake and ice cream, but after everything that has happened, we can’t help wanting to celebrate God’s blessing to our family by returning her to us. So no small inside event for us! And besides, I love to plan a party…

Did you take your vitamin D today?

A Diagnosis

FeetsWhen our family arrived at Beaumont Hospital, the physicians were puzzled. They weren’t sure what happened to our baby, they could only remark how beautiful she is (which you know she is totally gorgeous).

As the evening wore on, she began to exhibit some symptoms from earlier in the day. Our little sweetheart began to cry and her belly was tight. She was could not lay down flat in the crib and appeared to be in absolute pain. One by one, the doctors came in and re-told the story of how she got here over and over again until finally someone came up with an idea. Let’s do some blood work and get a scan of her belly. After this moment, everything moved very quickly.

Diagnosis: Pediatric hypocalcemia

Hypocalcemia manifests as central nervous system (CNS) irritability and poor muscular contractility. Low calcium levels decrease the threshold of excitation of neurons, causing them to have repetitive responses to a single stimulus. Because neuronal excitability occurs in sensory and motor nerves, hypocalcemia produces a wide range of peripheral and CNS effects, including paresthesias, tetany (i.e., contraction of hands, arms, feet, larynx, bronchioles), seizures, and even psychiatric changes in children.

Immediately our baby was moved to the pediatric ICU. She needed a very high dose of calcium. Calcium can burn the skin and because the high dose must be administered through the IV, they wanted to make sure she was in a safe place with her own nurse. No one really got much sleep. My husband, myself and my awesome friend La’Comba took turns watching her. It didn’t bother me much to stay awake, because I couldn’t sleep anyway. The high infusion worked and her calcium numbers increased right away. Her endocrinologist had her moved back to the regular floor where she began to receive oral calcium. Instead of crying out in pain, she has now started to focus on removing every cord and tube attached to her…the nurses are so happy with us (NOT!)

Now they that they figured out the what…on to figuring out the how. How did our perfect angel get low calcium? In looking at her, she doesn’t appear starved or deprived. The doctors concentrated on me breastfeeding. Breast milk is liquid gold, but doesn’t have the necessary Vitamin D in it. I wondered…why did this just happen to her and not my other little ones who received breast milk as well? I was told that that this does not happen to every baby and is a rare condition. A rare condition…that can be fixed. Unfortunately she has had this for a while, as Rickets disease has developed….again another condition that is reversible.

Rickets is defective mineralization or calcification of bones before epiphyseal closure in immature mammals due to deficiency or impaired metabolism of vitamin D,[1] phosphorus or calcium,[2] potentially leading to fractures and deformity.

And so, she is receiving calcium 4x a day and will continue to do so for 8 weeks after she leaves the hospital. In 8 weeks, she will be bigger, better and stronger. In addition, she will have a testimony that will she share with others.

Speaking of sharing, the doctors have encouraged us to share with everyone the importance of Vitamin D. As Midwesterners, we are lacking in sunlight. Sunlight in Michigan is only good from May 1-October 1. Outside of that time, the sun is too far away to do any good. I followed the rules with our infant and keVitamin-D_0pt her indoors during  the first three months. Since she was born in May, she could have really used that sunlight. That, plus keeping her indoors during the winter was a double whammy. In addition, African Americans are also more susceptible to this deficiency. So everyone, on behalf of our little one…get your Vitamin D!