Rest in Peace Whitney Houston

I can’t believe she’s gone. As a fan, I can say that while I didn’t personally know Whitney Houston, I truly admired her music. I wanted to be her and used to sing in the bathroom with my pink hairbrush (obviously I didn’t do any of those songs justice)

There was a time, where there wasn’t a song she couldn’t sing. The woman flat out had a love and a passion for music. The musical notes for the Star Spangled Banner laid down for her as she dazzled the crowd.

We have seen Whitney Houston soar through the good times and appear frustrated, a little angry and weak during the bad times. And while many thought that her choices in life (drugs and otherwise) would seal her death sentence, the shock of her death is potent, real and hard to accept.The news reports talk of her making a comeback and that makes me think of a few people I knew that have passed. It seems that right when they were making a true in their life, their time was up. They did what they were meant to do.

So to those of you who feel that grief over this woman’s life is too much, remember that a life is still important, no matter the choices made.  No grief is too much for life. You can’t deny that Houston had an effect on her fans lives. I still tear up hearing her rendition of  “I Love the Lord.”

So to Whitney Houston, I hope you rest in peace and find comfort in the Almighty. I can promise you that our family will remember your great performances in the Preacher’s Wife, The Bodyguard and Waiting to Exhale. We will listen to your music. We will mourn your life with the rest of your fans. You will not be forgotten.

And for those who have chosen Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, it’s not too late. Just don’t wait until tomorrow…as Marvin Winans sang:

I’ll give my life tomorrow
I thought about today
But it’s so much easier to say
Who promised you tomorrow
Better choose the Lord today
For tomorrow very well might be today