It’s the Small Things to be Grateful for

dyslexia-awareness-monthLast school year was a complete disaster. My husband and I  fought most of the year to get our eldest an IEP to help her get the assistance she desperately needed. It was arduous work, fighting to get her professionally evaluated, emailing teachers and errant social workers, researching methods and acquiring help from the Michigan Alliance for Families and an advocate.

After fighting so vigorously to get her into the Extended School Year program, my husband had enough. We had investigated a private school that focuses on students with learning disabilities, but it is expensive and I felt that since we worked so hard to get the IEP we should try to stay with the public school system. Besides, the program had a three-part admission process and we were not sure she would get in.

But the Lord was on our side and they approved her. Today, she attends school in a class of only seven students that has a teacher and a certified teacher’s assistant. In addition, she gets one-on-one assistance at least once a week, doesn’t have a ton of homework every day, AND has recess TWICE a day (once in the morning to adjust to school and the other around lunch time). If my daughter were writing this post, she would also want you to know that she happily uses the microwave to heat her lunch (she hates cold food).

Needless to say she loves this school! And yet…I was still nervous. What if this new school doesn’t help her at all?

This morning, my daughter walks up to me while I am finishing packing up her lunch. Holding up her iPad (also required for this school) so that I can see the date, she sweetly says, “Mommy, today is Friday, October 7.”

It might not seem like much, but I literally almost bawled in front of her.

Maybe I can power down the helicopter Mommy and stop harassing her teacher so much…we are finally on the right track.