The Mommy Track

I now understand why women wait later on in their careers to have children. It can be difficult once you are getting started in your career to have a child because not only do you have to make sure that you do your job correctly and efficiently every day of the week (meaning getting a case of “Mommy Brain” is a major no-no.), but you also have to find a way to juggle the care of your family and maintain the high level corporate lifestyle you planned. Many of us are doing the best we can only to deviated to the “Mommy Track.”

Today I read an article about Goldman Sachs being sued by a former vice president who felt she was pushed onto the Mommy Track. Apparently, the woman was demoted when she came back from her first maternity leave and fired when she returned from her second maternity leave, after she switched to part-time; an option that is available to all employees.

The article reminded me of my experience with maternity leave. I planned my exit plan down to the last second of my pregnancy. I shared my plan with my supervisor and her supervisor in a meeting/writing. We agreed that I would be out for the typical time and that when I came back I would work part-time for the first two weeks so that I would be able to be get adjusted to the Mommy/Marketing Coordinator life. The result? Laid off the month after my return. Now granted the company wasn’t doing well, but in looking back I know I was on the list to terminate because my supervisor called me the week before my return to see when I was coming back. At the time, I thought they were genuinely interested in me coming back. I won’t be able to prove that allegation, but needless to say that it has caused me to plan my next pregnancy and be as prepared as possible for any negative consequences.

In the case of the woman from Goldman Sachs, that was case was dismissed, probably because this type of discrimination is extremely hard to prove. Especially since now many women are “trading money for family.” The lesson for all career-minded women who are considering having children is to do thorough research on the company you currently work for. Find out if there are women who have successfully gone on maternity leave and what was the result when they came back. And even though it shouldn’t matter, find a way to gauge your boss’s attitude about working mothers. This will help you find out whether you should look for another job or begin the baby making process!

For more information about the Mommy Track, take a gander at the following article from


Equal Work Doesn’t Mean Equal Pay

It’s a proven fact that women comprise half the workplace. And it’s even more documented that women make less than men, even if they occupy the same position.

Over and over again, these reports can be seen and yet no one seems to want to rectify the issue. Instead of coughing up the dough to make equal work mean equal pay, companies are creating better flex-time and working from programs that will assist working mothers and there are even some companies that offer reimbursement for adoptions.

As someone who takes advantage of these programs at my own place of employment, I have to admit that while I am thankful to have the opportunity to work from home if needed, I would rather have the money. Don’t’ get me wrong, I enjoy my job, but I still have to do my part to take care of my family.

I think what bothers me the most is that companies fail to realize is that gender roles in this country are changing. They have yet to understand is that there are some women who are the breadwinners of the home and rely on their paycheck to handle the majority of the bills.

There are companies that offer mentoring programs for women to help them further advance in the company, but what is the point of these types of programs when the women will not make as much as men in the position.

Going Back to Work Poses Challenges

YAY! I ‘m back to work!!!!  BOO! I have to leave my little girl and go back to work!!

Oh the conflict that goes on in the mind of a new mommy. I think that my back to work experience would have been better if I had beefed up my breast milk storehouse.  If I had worked on it a little better then I wouldn’t have to pump late at night and early in the morning before I go to work. There are many blogs and articles out there that talk about the challenges of being a new mommy and going back to the workforce. And while there many ways to remedy the issue at hand, I have come up with a few of my own.Anyone else getting up at 5am?

 –Stop Beating Yourself Up!

Most Moms are really hard on themselves when it is time to go back to work.  And while I envy those Moms who get to stay home with their little ones, I know that what I do everyday is helpful to the household and for the betterment of my little girl.  Of course, this doesn’t stop me from burning rubber in the parking lot at 5pm.

 –Take Advantage of the Weekends

Whether it’s that extra hour of sleep or taking your kids to the zoo, it’s important to make the most of your weekends, especially when you have a time-consuming job during the week. 

 –Seek Flexibility on All Ends

It might be a little harder to do during this tough economic season, but try to work with your boss to inject flexibility into your work schedule.  For me, my boss will allow me to work from home as long as I communicate with him throughout the day to check in. 

 Just how do other working mamas do it? I would love to hear how you’ve found a balance between work and family!  Please post your comment below!




Groceries on the Go

These days I don’t have much time to come up with a meal plan.  Long gone are the days where Jason and I sit around and watch Food Network all Saturday afternoon, an event that I thoroughly miss from my maternity leave.  But, we still have to eat and fast food isn’t what it used to be.

So, what’s a workin’ mama to do? Thank God for the Rachael Ray Show! Rachael comes up with fast and easy meals that I can put together quick.  Called the Weekly Grocery List, a recipe with step-by-step instructions is provided for each day and it isn’t hard to put together! 

I know that I haven’t cornered the market on this.  What’s your cooking style during the week?